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Forensic Evaluator Resources

Welcome to the Court’s Forensic Evaluator Resources Page. Here you will find all the needed documents, forms, and contact information needed to be appointed and carry out your duties as a Court Appointed Forensic Evaluator.

Appointment Process

If you are interested in serving as a Court Appointed Forensic Evaluator in Santa Clara County you must submit a completed Forensic Evaluator Panel Application to be appointed to either the Adult or Juvenile Panel. Please read the Court's competency protocol for the Juvenile Panel. Juvenile Competency Protocol

The application will be reviewed by the Santa Clara County Forensic Evaluator Advisory Review Board. This panel is a multi-agency review board with representatives from the Court, Probation, legal service agencies, and mental health experts. Prior to submitting your application, please review the Forensic Evaluator Court Policies and Procedures and the Forensic Evaluator Manual.

Application Form Form Name
Download and complete this application and submit it to the appropriate division contact

Forensic Evaluator Application


Submit all applications to the Court Forensic Evaluator Program Coordinator at

If your application is approved, a packet of information will be provided to you including:

  1. A letter confirming the Evaluator’s appointment to the Santa Clara County Adult Forensic Evaluator Panel and/or Juvenile Justice Division Forensic Evaluator Panel
  2. A copy of the Court’s order of appointment.
  3. A copy of the Standards for Report Content and the standard report format required for use in this Court.
  4. A copy of the invoicing instructions and invoicing forms.
  5. A copy of the Forensic Evaluator Manual for practice within the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Many of these forms and documents are also available on this website.

Policies and Procedures

The most recent versions of all policies and procedures, along with any attachments or forms are provided here for your convenience.

Forensic Evaluator Court Policies and Procedures Forensic Evaluator P&Ps
Forensic Evaluator Manual Forensic Evaluator Manual
Forensic Evaluator Fees & Payment Fees & Payment MOU
Forensic Evaluator Compensation Fee Schedule Compensation Fees
American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL) Ethical Guidelines for the Practice of Forensic Psychology AAPL Ethics web page
American Psychological Association (APA) Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct APA Ethics web page
Meta-Analytic Review of Competency to Stand Trial Research Meta-Analysis Article

Report Forms and Submission

The Report Template below is the standard format to be used for all competency and forensic evaluation reports submitted to the court. It is intended as an outline of all the areas and information points required for forensic evaluation as well as specific statutes, please be sure to provide thorough and easily understandable explanations for each area. As well, if there are areas that are not relevant to the specific case or assignment please note “not applicable.”

Click to open Report Template

Please fax reports to: Adult: (408) 808-6892 Juvenile: (408) 808-6290

**Do NOT fax EC1017 reports to these numbers, be sure to send them only to the representing attorney**

Invoicing and Forms

Invoices are due within 30 days upon submission of the report, and for reports submitted in June, invoices must be submitted by July 7th.

Invoice Form Form Name
Be sure to use this Compensation Claim Form template for all invoices.

Compensation Claim Form


Complete the form and mail the original copy or e-mail a copy as shown below:

For Criminal evaluations:
Superior Court
Attn: Court Services
191 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95113

For Juvenile evaluations:
Superior Court
Attn: Juvenile Justice
191 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Requesting Additional Funds

For unusual evaluations in which you wish to request additional payment, you must complete the Extraordinary Services Additional Funding Request Form. This form must be submitted directly to the Judge for approval. You will receive a copy of the approved or denied request from the Court.

Payment for Extraordinary Services will be paid on the standard hourly rates only. If requesting payment for Extraordinary Services, you must include a copy of the approved court order with your invoice.

Additional Funding Request Form Name
Complete and submit this form when requesting additional funds for extraordinary evaluations.

Additional Funding Request Form