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Court Reporter Information

Official Court Reporter Availability

Effective October 13, 2020, court reporters will be provided by the Court in all mandated proceedings, including in the following cases: felony criminal; juvenile dependency; juvenile justice; Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act; contempt in civil and family matters; family court matters where an official court reporter is mandated, such as requests to withdraw consent to an adoption, child testimony in chambers, and petitions to free a minor from parental care and control; cases in which an official court reporter is required by the Supreme Court opinion in the case of Jameson v. Desta, and including any of these cases that are assigned for trial or long cause hearing to the Civil Division, or to be heard by a Judge assigned to the Civil Division.

For hearings and trials in unlimited civil matters, limited civil matters to the extent not electronically recorded, family court matters not listed above, civil harassment, and probate matters, or any other hearings for which the court does not provide an official reporter, a party has the right to arrange, at the party's own expense, for the services of a court reporter if the services of an official court reporter are not available. Santa Clara County Superior Court has established a policy which sets forth requirements for qualifying as an official reporter pro tempore, click to see the Policy Regarding Privately Retained Court Reporters.

A party must make arrangements for a Privately Retained Court Reporter in advance of the proceeding. Parties retaining a reporter must file a Request for Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore (CV-5100) with the court.

The following materials provide information for privately retained court reporters that are appointed by the court as an Official Reporter Pro Tempore.