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Court Visits

Information for Visiting the Court

Please see our Court and Community brochure covering court visits and other opportunities for the community to learn about the Court.

Sign up for a courthouse tour using the link below:

Courthouse Visits (Individuals)

Generally, all Court proceedings are open to the public, with the exceptions of Juvenile Justice Court, Juvenile Dependency Court and select closed hearings.

Members of the public DO NOT need to schedule an appointment to observe Court and participate as an audience member. Courtroom seating is limited and audience members are generally admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Courtroom proceedings for each facility are posted daily for the public to view. For additional assistance about Courthouse calendars, contact the Court’s mainline at (408) 882-2700 .

Courthouse Visits (Groups/Schools)

Immerse students in an educational experience with our courthouse tours, thoughtfully designed to provide valuable insights into the legal system. To ensure an enriching experience, we kindly request limiting group sizes to 40 participants or fewer. If your group exceeds this capacity or requires special accommodations, please reach out to us at

Courthouse hours: Click to see the Court's building hours. Court proceedings are broken into “Morning” and “Afternoon” calendars. Morning calendars start at approximately 9/9:30 AM and end at noon. Afternoon calendars start at approximately 1:30 PM and end at 5 PM.

Courthouse locations: Click for a list of Court locations – each courthouse page lists hours, location and directions. There is also an interactive map showing all courthouses in the county, which allows users to obtain driving directions.

Public transportation: Check the website and use the "Transit" tab.

Security is important at our courthouses to ensure the safety of all visitors, jurors, parties to lawsuits, court staff, judicial officers, and individuals in custody. All courthouses have metal detectors and sheriff's deputies on duty. Be sure to read this security information before you visit the Court.

Visiting Jurors: If you are visiting the Court as part of jury duty, read the information on our Jury Services page regarding juror parking, dress codes and courtroom behavior.

Food in the Court: Read the General Local Rule of Court 5 for information on what is and is not permitted in the courthouse and courtroom, for jurors, parties to lawsuits, and visitors.

Questions? For information on observing in the courtroom, please contact the Court at (408) 882-2709 .  We also have a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) regarding Court visits.