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Applications/Orders For Sealing Criminal Records

In proceedings for requests for the sealing of court records in the criminal division, the Criminal Local Rule of Court 14 shall apply. All judicial officers have the responsibility and authority to decide sealing requests. Court records are presumed to be open unless confidentiality is required by law.

Applications for sealing of criminal records, and court orders approving or denying applications, are listed below in order by date filed at the Court, with the most recent listed first. (Application and Order forms are available online.)

Date Filed Case # Case Name Document Filed
7/1/19 F1660022 People vs. Dana Stubblefield Application for Sealing of Documents
9/12/16 B1577162 People vs. Turner Order: Request to Seal Trial Exhibits Depicting Jane Doe and Medical Records to Preserve Anonymity
12/8/15 C1519377 People vs. Lubrin, Rodriguez, Farris Application for Sealing of Documents
10/8/15 C1366347 People vs Miller Application to Seal Video Recordings

Temporary Order