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Family Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many cases can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties without the necessity of traditional litigation, which can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.

Read the Family ADR Notice for choices for solving legal problems without a Court hearing.

Family Court maintains a database of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers that parties can use for assistance in settling a case. You may browse all entries in the database using the "List all Family ADR providers" button below.

Name and contact information, including email address, will be displayed for all providers. Additional information such as hourly rate and subject area specialties will be displayed on each provider's detail page.

List all Family ADR providers

Mediators who wish to be added to this database are encouraged to submit an application (Form FM-1019 ). Mediators who need to update their provider information may contact the Court at, or fill out the Family ADR Background Sheet (Form FM-1020 ) and mail or email it to the Court.

Online Application to Serve as Settlement Attorney

Read more about Family ADR in the Family Local Rules of Court on this website.

For Civil Alternative Dispute Resolution matters, visit the Civil ADR page on this website.

Available Dates For

To see the next available dates with the Court’s Settlement Officer please click the applicable link below:

  • Settlement Officer Conferences (SOC)

  • Property Division Hearings (PDH)

  • Judgment Review Conferences (JRC)

  • Judicially Supervised Settlement Conferences (JSSC)