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Mediator/ADR Search

Resolving Cases Out of Court

On our website we have lists of local providers of ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution), mediators, neutral evaluators, arbitrators, and settlement conference neutrals who can help resolve cases. Civil, family, and probate cases can benefit from alternate dispute resolution.

ADR is designed to take place as early as possible in the life of a case, to provide an opportunity to settle all or part of the case and keep litigation expense to a minimum.

Click on the Civil, Family, and Probate Division links below to browse or search the Court databases and listings for these providers. The search forms allow you to enter a variety of criteria in order to find a provider who meets your needs. You can contact them yourselves using the phone and email information provided.

Watch a video about mediation on our Self-Help Videos page

The Civil ADR page in the Civil Division section of our website provides links to listings of legal professionals to help resolve disputes.

Mediation and neutrals in other areas of the court: