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Family Ex-Parte

 Document Examiner Lists

The Document Examiner List, below, will tell you if the fee waiver and/or Ex-Parte request you dropped off at Family Court has been signed, and is ready for you to come to the Clerk’s Office to have the paperwork processed.

Family Court Document Examiner List
For Family Court downtown San Jose

If your documents were dropped off early in the morning you may have a response on the same day. There should be a response within 24 hours after the documents have been dropped off, not including weekends and Court holidays.

If you don't see your order listed: Please check back later today or tomorrow.

If two days have gone by and you have not seen your document on the list, please contact a Family Court Specialist. Go to the Family section of the Court phone list and select the Document Examiner phone number for the courthouse where you submitted your paperwork - Family Justice Center in San Jose.