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Hearing Reminder Service (HRS)

Want to receive text or email reminders for upcoming court dates?

Sign up for the new Hearing Reminder Service!

The Superior Court of Santa Clara County now offers a Hearing Reminder Service.

Sign up today at  See the instructions below.

HRS Flyer with QR Code

How to create an Account to Receive Text or Email Reminders of Upcoming Court Dates

  • Create a New Account

    Visit and click Go in "Schedule a Reminder" box. On the next screen, click Create a New Account.  If you need assistance creating the account read: Instructions to Create a New Account.

    Step 1 Hearing Reminder Service
    Step 2 Hearing Reminder Service
  • Accept the HRS Consent Agreement

    Check the box at the bottom of the page to accept the terms.

    Step 2 Hearing Reminder Service Agreement
  • Enter the Case Number for Which You Wish to Receive Reminders

    If you don’t have your case number, you will have to conduct a name search through the Court’s portal by clicking here.

    Step 3 Hearing Reminder Service
  • Confirm Your Case Number and Select Notification Preference

    • Users select to receive text and/or email reminders to be sent two weeks ahead of the hearing, two days ahead or both.
    • Once the notification preference is selected and entered, a confirmation page will appear and the HRS will send a text and/or email to the user to confirm their enrollment.
    HRS Step 4 - Select Notification
  • PLEASE NOTE: You may modify or cancel your selected reminders

    On the HRS home page, click Continue in "My Scheduled Reminders" box to modify or cancel your reminders.

    Step 5 Hearing Reminder Service