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News Release

Santa Clara County Celebrates Family Reunification Day

SAN JOSÉ, California (June 14, 2024):  The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara is delighted to announce the County’s 12th annual Reunification Day Celebration, commemorating the reunification of families and the strength of the Santa Clara community. This special event will take place today, June 14, at the County of Santa Clara’s Social Services Agency’s Auditorium (353 W Julian St., San Jose, CA 95126) from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Reunification Day, both nationally and locally, occurs annually between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In our county, this event is a collaboration among the Superior Court and all of the Superior Court Judiciary, Dependency Advocacy Center, the Department of Family and Children’s Services, Legal Advocates for Children and Youth, Office of the County Counsel, First 5, and Child Advocates of Silicon Valley.  Special recognition belongs with the Dependency Court Judges for all their hard work and efforts seeking to reunify families throughout the year.

"Reunification Day is profoundly significant as it celebrates the successful reunification of families who have overcome numerous challenges and hardships," says Hon. Shawna Schwarz. "This event reminds us that when our system functions as it should, children are returned to their parents in safe, stable, and supportive homes."

The event will consist of a heartfelt ceremony celebrating the strength, resilience, and determination of families who have overcome challenges to achieve reunification.  As part of our celebration, we honor five families who have safely and successfully reunified, recognizing the tremendous effort and dedication they have displayed. In addition, we honor a professional who champions the efforts of families in reunification. This year, the Court’s very own, Anna Sapp, Special Program Resources Specialist, will be honored for her role in assisting countless families to reunify through her experience, compassion, and dedication.

All the organizations mentioned recognize the importance of reunification to children in foster care and on this occasion, reinvigorate their commitment to this vital work. As one of many jurisdictions across the country commemorating the event, Santa Clara County celebrates families and communities working together as we collectively raise awareness about the importance of family reunification for children in foster care.


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