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Self-Help Workshops


  • Start a Divorce/Legal Separation/Nullity Workshop

    The Self Help Center helps with forms to start a divorce, legal separation or nullity case ONLY through this workshop. This workshop provides information about starting a divorce, a legal separation or nullity case, the legal terminology involved, and the process, including what to do after you file your case.

  • Mandatory Financial Disclosures Workshop

    How to fill out, file and serve the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (PDD) forms required in divorce, legal separation and nullity cases.

    Click for workshop flyer

    You can print the form packet by clicking here

  • Parentage and Request for Order (UPA/RFO) Workshop

    The Self Help Center helps with forms to start a custody case for unmarried parents (also known as a “Parentage case”) ONLY through this workshop. This workshop provides you with information about starting your parentage case forms, as well as how to ask for custody, visitation and child support orders.

  • Limited Conservatorship Workshop

    A Limited Conservatorship is generally established to assist developmentally disabled adults who are unable to provide for all their personal or financial needs. This workshop covers the forms and procedures for starting a Limited Conservatorship case.

    To participate in this workshop, your proposed conservatee must be: (1) a resident of Santa Clara County; (2) at least 17 years and 9 months, and (3) have a developmental disability.

    For more questions about our Limited Conservatorship workshop, contact our office by email at