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Start A Parentage Case

Child custody, visitation and support for unmarried parents

Responding to a Parentage Case

Start a Divorce Case

Summary Dissolution (Married less than 5 years, have no children together and very little assets or debts)

Respond To A Divorce Case (These forms can also be used to respond to Legal Separation or Nullity Cases)

Mandatory Financial Disclosures Forms For Divorce or Legal Separation Cases

​​​​​​​Joinder of Employee Benefit Plan in a Divorce Case

These forms can also be used in a Legal Separation or Nullity Case

Request A Court Hearing

Must have an existing case

Respond to a Request for Order

  • ​​​​​​​Response to a Request for Child Custody/Visitation Orders Packet w/Instructions

  • ​​​​​​​Response to a Request for Child Custody/Visitation and Support Orders Packet w/Instructions

  • ​​​​​​​Respond to a Request for Orders Other than Child Custody/Visitation Packet w/Instructions

  • Income & Expense Declaration FL-150

    Complete, file and serve this form if the other party marked child and/or spousal support box(es).

    Download the Sample

Department of Child Support Services Forms(DCSS)

Additional Information

If you want to request a court hearing about unpaid support (also known as “arrears”), then please contact the Self-Help Center.

Each form packet has an instruction sheet and a sample packet to guide you page-by-page through the forms. If you are not sure which packet is best suited to your issues, please contact the Self-Help Center. Once you have completed forms, you may scan and email them to the Self-Help Center for review at