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Workplace Violence Restraining Order Forms

Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

  • If you are an employer or you work in a place where there has been violence or threat of violence against employees, fill out and file Workplace Violence forms.
  • To get a Workplace Violence Restraining Order, you must fill out the correct forms. You can get them online at the Judicial Council’s Self-Help page. You will also want the Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application for Orders (Local Form FM-1013 ). The completed forms may be filed in the Civil Division at the Downtown Superior Court.

Each form packet has an instruction sheet and a sample packet to guide you page-by-page through the forms. If you are not sure which packet is best suited to your issues, please contact the Self-Help Center. Once you have completed forms, you may scan and email them to the Self-Help Center for review at

Restraining Order forms may be reviewed at the Restraining Order Help Center located on the first floor of 201 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113.