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Self-Help Family

Self-Help Family

This section provides help in the Family Law areas listed below, such as custody, support, and divorce.

For help with Domestic Violence (DV) prevention, restraining orders, and DV shelters and programs, see the Restraining Order section

  • Child / Spousal Support

    This page has information on how to: get an Order for Child Support, file a Request for Order, raise or lower support, get an estimate of what amount of support the Court might order, and more.

  • Custody and Visitation

    Read this page to learn about different types of custody, how to get or change a court order for custody or visitation, how to fill out your court forms, and how to reduce custody-related conflict between parents

  • Divorce / Dissolution

    The information here covers the divorce (also called dissolution) process from filing through mediation to finishing your case. There is also information on how to get copies of divorce records.

  • Family law Facilitator

    Learn about how the Family Law Facilitator’s Office can help you, how to get help from the Family Law Facilitator, where the office is located, and other useful information.

  • Family Law Form Packets

    This page contains form packets and samples for starting or responding to family law cases such as divorce or parentage, asking for or modifying court orders, and more.

  • Family Law Process

    This page contains a flowchart beginning with filing of a divorce through judgment, and includes custody issues, parent orientation, mediation, and settlement.

  • Family Resources

    This page contains lists of community resources for counseling, child abuse prevention and reporting, and links to lists of resources listed elsewhere on this website, which can provide help to families.

  • Limited Scope Rep. (LSR)

    Limited Scope Representation (LSR) is a way that you can use a lawyer to help you, so that the lawyer is helping with only certain parts of your case, as you choose. Read about the benefits, examples, and how to get started.

  • Parentage

    If you have children and are not married to the other parent, you must file a case in order to to establish parentage. Read about when and how to file an Action to Establish Parentage, and how to get a judgment.